1. Business areas

EJC offers business services in the following areas:

– Environmental Consultancy Services: Making Environmental Impact Assessment Report, Environmental Protection Plan, Detailed Environmental Protection Scheme, Simple Environmental Protection Scheme, Making Report on Discharge of Wastewater into Water Sources, Hazardous Waste Owner Documents, Report on Completion of Environmental Protection Works, Environmental Improvement and Restoration Plan, etc.

– Environmental Monitoring and Analysis Service: The laboratory meets the standards of the national technical regulations.

– Chemical Trading 

– Freight Transport 

– Design and construction of  treatment system: Leasing treatment system and treatment system operators; Research in new technologies on designing and constructing  treatment system; Importing processing equipment to develop equipment distribution.

– Real Estate

– Financial Investment 

– Scientific Research Projects implementation: State projects in the field of environment and related fields.

– Other industrial expansion programs: EJC’s strengths include septic tank cleaning, industrial sanitation, chemical safety training, clean water supply, etc. on the basis of testing at a few establishments for the replication of successful models.

2. Core values of EJC

EJC operates in a sustainable manner, focusing on the interests of customers, employees and shareholders.

3. Vision

To be one of the multinational corporations in 2030.

4. Mission

Satisfying the customers, being responsible for the best quality products with the lowest price, respecting business ethics and obeying the law.