The importance of environmental monitoring for businesses today

The economy of our country is increasingly transformed with strong development, large corporations, enterprises and transnational factories are built and operated everywhere. This leads to a huge amount of emissions every day and the issue of environmental monitoring has become more important than ever. This work will help businesses feel secure and produce the most accurate reports for the authorities. To find out more about this, please invite the EJC Group to refer to the following article.


Why businesses always have to monitor the environment?

For every business in Vietnam today, whether business, production, service in any field, the discharge into the environment is inevitable. Most types of waste are usually hazardous substances, which can be solid waste, sewage, or exhaust gas , etc. Without supervision, measurement, testing, evaluation, etc. in order to timely handle, it will directly affect the living environment and working environment of the enterprise. This not only destroys the ecosystem, but also affects the health and potential of human diseases.

Environmental monitoring is the inspection, testing, assessing the environment of soil, water and emissions around the living and working environment, so it is very important for every business. If not done properly, even severe penalties will be imposed according to the law by the authorities.

How to evaluate a reputable environmental monitoring service?

Environmental monitoring has now become a leading task for every business. However, this is not a simple job because it needs high-class laboratories, engineers with in-depth knowledge, modern working tools. Therefore, manufacturing enterprises cannot do it themselves but often look for services in this field. But How to find a reputable service? Please share with us the following evaluation criteria:

  • The service-providing unit must be a multi-year working place in the market, large-scale, many facilities throughout the country..
  • Having carried out many previous major projects of national stature.
  • There are great websites with more information
  • There are good reviews and feedback from previous customers.

Leading environmental monitoring service in Vietnam

Are you a large-scale manufacturing enterprise? Do you need a worthy environmental monitoring service to delegate difficult tasks? You do not know where to trust a leading service in Vietnam? So you have to go to EJC Group:

  • EJC Group is a leading company operating in the field of large-scale environmental monitoring and consultancy in Vietnam. We have a standard laboratory set up by the Ministry of Natural Resources & Environment, have a team of highly qualified engineers, equipped with modern working tools to perform all tasks even the most difficult.
  • EJC Group has worked with SamSung, Cao Bang provincial hospital, National shooting school, Thai Nguyen electricity, etc. and many other national-scale projects. We are not only consulting, monitoring, but also designing, constructing, maintaining and operating waste treatment systems, landscape, etc. At the same time, make the most accurate reports to the authorities for businesses to feel secure to develop production.

Environmental monitoring is not only a sense but also a requirement for every business to protect the life of sustainable development. Please contact EJC Group immediately if you have a need to work together well.

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